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Sea forwarding

Thanks to regular and frequent network connection we are able to deliver you goods all over the globe.

Road transport

Our staff in cooperation with experienced carriers can guarantee high level of service and most of all competitive rates across Europe

Customs agency

Fiscal representation, transit documents, Intrastat are just a few services that we provide to ensure your company financial and documentation safety

Port Operations

Presence in many of Chinese, Belgium and most of Polish ports help us immediately react and adapt to new situation, what effectively shortens time of handling your cargo

Project cargo

We offer comprehensive solutions for the transport of oversized and heavy loads e.g. for the construction, industrial, metal or manufacturing industries


MAGEMAR jest firmą wchodzącą w skład grupy logistycznej Magemar, Dongemar, Magetra i CBT-Magemon. Historia grupy sięga lat trzydziestych ubiegłego wieku, kiedy to firma Magemon> MAGEMAR is a company belongs to the logistic group MAGEMAR-MAGETRA-MAGEMON-DONGEMAR. The history of the group begins in the 30’s of the XX century when the company MAGEMON started its activity as […]



Magemar Polska Ltd

ul. Bytomska 7, 70-603 Szczecin
tel.: +48 91 4308891
fax: +48 91 4308893


Magemar Gdynia

Hutnicza 20A, 81-036 Gdynia
Tel: +48 697690401


Magemar Katowice

ul. Bednorza 1, 40-384 Katowice
Tel: +48 32 2011560
Fax: +48 32 2011333

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